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New Beat Instrumental

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Another graphic creation… #instacanvas #Love #hearts #graphic

Another graphic creation… #instacanvas #Love #hearts #graphic

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DNC 2012 DAY 2


By, Jesta Da Lyricist

Bill Clinton and Pres. Obama DNC 2012 Day 2

The second day of the Democratic national convention, was buzzing with anticipation, as former president Bill Clinton was set to speak and endorse president Barack Obama. This was the first time in history a former president would endorse a presidential candidate for re- election.

Clinton started off by telling us

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DNC 2012 (Day 1)


YOLGBTRAPS is gearing up for releasing Politiq - a series of video clips discussing political issues with Politiq attendees and people we just ran up on during our many adventures.  We don’t want to stand idly by during this effed up time in our country. YLR’s effort is to DISCUSS and make decisive actions towards steering our nation to a better now.

Perfect timing to introduce our friend, Heidi Figueroa’s (Jesta AKA Da Lyricist) coverage and opinion on last week’s DNC 2012. If you missed it, here’s a great refresher for DAY 1. Stay tuned for DAY 2 and DAY 3 next week!

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